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10 Best PR in Canada (Public Relations) is a service that requires experience and strategy. The 10 Best PR Firms are teams composed of experts with a keen sense of public opinion, an awareness of political correctness, and an appreciation of right and wrong. They are able to leverage these professional skills and their extensive access to media contacts to raise awareness for your product or company. 10 Best PR reviews + ranks the 10 best PR firms of different industries since 2014.


Best Public Relations Firms Awards

10 Best PR Firms

Best PR Firms Awards

Public Relations (PR) is a service which requires tact, strategy, and finesse. The Best PR Firms are made up individuals with a keen sense of public opinion, an awareness of political correctness, and an appreciation of right and wrong. They must be able to leverage these honed skills and their extensive rolodex of contacts to build awareness of your brand. 10 Best PR ranks and reviews the industry's top performers.

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10 Best PR utilizes a multi-variable ranking algorithm to rank the best PR agencies and pr companies in Canada 🇨🇦 based on their track records, success stories, digital reputation, client reviews. Learn more about the 10 best pr firms by scrolling through our menu and browsing through the different industries. Best Music PR Firms, Best Travel PR Firms, Best Digital PR Firms are amongst our popular ranks.

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Using our proprietary algorithms, 10BestPR is able to analyze the top performing public relations agencies. These ranks have been created to help brands or companies searching for the best PR firms for their campaigns. Our team of experts conduct an individual research to compare and measure different companies, their competitiveness, strength and weaknesses. Check out our 2018 selections for the top public relations firms!

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Looking for the best PR Firm? We create competitive lists of the best PR companies across a number of industries such as health pr firms, music pr firms, digital pr firms, etc. By browsing through our rankings, you can make a decision and choose the best public relations company for your project.

10 Best PR 🇨🇦 is an actively growing awards company for the Top Public Relations Companies. Our rankings are based of studies and competitive analysis of pr firms & publicists. As 10BPR expands, we will cover more public relations industries to further support your pick of a pr firm.