Balenciaga shares Winter ‘22 campaign featuring gorgeous models and some absolutely stunning outfits. Continuing to shape the fashion industry with innovative ideas and solutions to world-scale problems, Balenciaga had its models posing in extreme weather-simulating backdrops, referring to its previous show, where the viewers saw the runway transformed into a glass box of microclimate. 

On August 31st, the luxury fashion house shared its future-centered creative designs with Kim Kardashian as the lead model, showcasing dresses from the Balenciaga 360° Collection, first seen at the Paris Fashion Week In March 2022. 

The campaign photos highlight climate change as the main theme, and were shot by Berlin-based photographer Daniel Roché. 

“The campaign also features Alexa Demie who poses in a desert landscape wearing a fur coat and Balenciaga’s Glove Boots. South Korean volleyball player Kim Yeon-koung, rapper Big Matthew, and model Khadim Sock are the others who are part of the campaign. Each of them is seen in a different setting — from lush, verdant forests to environs with melting ice,” Prestige reports. “Balenciaga creative director Demna had models walk inside a huge glass enclosure through a simulated blizzard for the Winter 2022 show. The purpose was to highlight climate change, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the plight of refugees.”

Balenciaga also introduced the Trash Pouch during the show, something striking and yet subtle that created quite the buzz. 

Much of what Balenciaga does is exceptionally clever. The French fashion house delivers fascinating looks that aren’t just modern and fresh but also tackle important issues and themes that are relatable to the general public. The success behind Balenciaga’s Winter ‘22 show is not simply its stellar count of models and celebrities but also the creative thought that was put into linking the topic of the show with designer clothes and with real-world problems.