What interests Netflix more than anything in the world is ​​not to be the best player in its market. But rather, that you and your family are having a good evening. In reality, this is what the company makes you believe thanks to a near-perfect PR and great communication storytelling. And it works wonderfully…

Since the beginning of PR and advertising, the top codes of communication have been used over and over again. So much that only the appearance of outside-the-box creative people, agencies, and corporations brought the possibilities to reinvent them.

Who do we find at the very top? Netflix! The video-on-demand platform has, since its arrival, bet everything on offbeat communication, with many experts believing that Netflix’s communication and PR techniques as one of the main pillars of its success.

One of the first lessons that Netflix’s successful PR campaigns have taught us is the inverted narrative. Instead of saying that they are the best, the company has emphasized the message or concern that you, the clients, have a good evening. The use of the platform itself becomes the message, and that changes everything in terms of relatability, reach, and brand identity. 

Even the tone used by the platform’s advertising plays a crucial role. Instead of customers, Netflix talks about users.  It is certain that Netflix has a major advantage over other sectors’ companies because their business is entirely based on entertainment. Thus, they are able to use the thousands of universes and artistic imagery, feelings, emotions, narratives and heroes as full-fledged relays of their messages. 

When we think of Netflix campaigns, we often think they carry them solely through digital mediums, meaning the internet. But that is not entirely true, as the company has adopted a strategy in which they talk directly to their customers, pushing forward the impression that they are a strong company anchored in reality. This was implemented through poster campaigns, customized bus stops, connected buttons, connected teddy bears that allow you and your loved ones to watch the series in a simultaneous mode. 

Of course, data is also a crucial element of a PR campaign’s success, and Netflix has shown no exception to this rule. The company excels at dissecting its users’ data. With ultra-personalized information, they have extracted all tools at hand to assess the needs and real-time expectations of Netflix users. This has proven to be an efficient way of determining how to continue to develop their offers and targeted advertising, innovating more while limiting the risks.