Balenciaga Rocks Winter 2022 Campaign With A Number Of Stunning Models

Balenciaga shares Winter ‘22 campaign featuring gorgeous models and some absolutely stunning outfits. Continuing to shape the fashion industry with innovative ideas and solutions to world-scale problems, Balenciaga had its models posing in extreme weather-simulating backdrops, referring to its previous show, where the viewers saw the runway transformed into a glass box of microclimate.  On […]

Luxury Brands’ PR & Marketing Strategies In 2022-2023

Consumers no longer buy as before. A customer’s buying journey has been transformed. Luxury brands are sometimes struggling to grasp the new digital codes and attract the ultra-connected generations labeled Generation Y. Since 2020, they have already surpassed their parents’ purchasing power. What should luxury brands do to survive and adapt in the digital age? […]

What’s Behind Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign

The masterminds behind Nike know what to do with a catchy slogan that drives an insane amount of sales. Readers might be surprised to find out that “Just Do It” has a history of three decades. Back in 1988, Nike launched a campaign featuring various athletes, including Walt Stack, an 80-year-old marathoner who reportedly ran […]