You spend countless hours editing video content to perfection, writing the perfectly optimized blog post, and putting together the absolute best resources for social media … only to realize that you still have to convince people to actually view your content.

Your content could have the secrets to world peace and curing jet lag, but it doesn’t matter unless people actually see it.

The importance of an effective content promotion strategy can‘t be overstated, but it’s not something that you discover instantly.

Finding your perfect content promotion strategy has a learning curve that every creator has to navigate:

In 2023, the content promotion strategy for my brand and my clients reached well over 25 million people. I‘m an author, service provider, and digital product creator with a blog, YouTube channel, and social media accounts.

My focus platforms are Pinterest and LinkedIn, but I’m also a marketing manager for brands that leverage Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, and email marketing.

Here are my no-fluff, actionable tips for how to get there yourself.

How I Promote My Content

Best Tools for Content Promotion

How to Promote Your Content on Social Media

5 Content Promotion Best Practices