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Use AI. But not too much AI … and in the right ways.”

“Optimize for SEO – but it’s changing completely and irrevocably, so also optimize for other channels.”

“Speed and relevancy are top priorities. But we also need a 3-6 month content calendar which will require rallying a cross-functional team.”

Sound familiar?

These are just a few of the six paradoxes Jasper’s Head of Enterprise Marketing and Communications, Samyutha Reddy, recently posted on her LinkedIn:

I’m willing to bet her thoughts resonate with plenty of marketers. 2024 has already felt like a consistently-shifting video game with plenty of unexpected pitfalls, cliffs, and trap doors.

As everything about marketing changes — from SEO to content creation to goal-setting — Reddy encourages marketers to stay focused on what matters: Storytelling.

Here, let’s dive into some of her tips for dealing with the mixed messages we’re hearing in 2024, and what to stay focused on, instead.