Advertising is an ever-changing beast — with those on ad and marketing teams working hard to stay ahead of trends.

In 2023, we saw the emergence of AI in all forms of content, the rise of personalization, augmented realities (including the metaverse), and the explosion of short-form video.

As a seasoned content marketer working in tech, I’ve noticed that advertising trends in 2024 seem to respond to the trends we saw in 2023.

For example, if my ad team was firmly against using artificial intelligence last year, I’d need to catch up with everyone who initially embraced it.

You might even be using AI without knowing it, with Google using AI in paid search to create relevant ads.

In 2024, advertisers will need to stay on top of trends, or their ad money won’t go as far. In this article, I’ll discuss upcoming advertising trends and how you can leverage these stats to increase engagement, value, and sales.

Digital Advertising Trends in 2024

Social Media Advertising Trends in 2024

Other Emerging Advertising Trends in 2024

Understanding Ad Trends in 2024