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Years ago, I underwent a total rebrand. Before joining HubSpot, I was content creating for years as a local journalist in Florida. So, most of my social media handles and content were geared toward news and politics.

However, I eventually left the news business and started creating content for myself. Soon, my content transitioned from news stories to videos, podcasts, and blog posts about anime, manga, and “nerdom.”

As I’ve said in other blog posts, I’m a hobbyist regarding content creation outside of HubSpot, so I didn’t really think about how my audience would receive my rebrand. Though, I’m sure the change was a bit shocking and confusing. 

That said, if you’re a professional who wants to rebrand, you may wonder how to rebrand as a creator and stay relevant. To get some insight, I spoke with creator, blogger, and YouTuber Lisa De La Cruz, who recently went through a rebrand herself.

Here’s her story plus tips for creators looking to switch up their content without damaging their personal brand.

Why a rebrand?

The Challenge of Rebranding as a Creator

How to Stay Relevant Through a Rebrand