Confession: Back when Facebook first rolled out Graph Search in 2013, I was a little disappointed.

The conversion path for someone to actually go from Facebook Graph Search to my business page to my website was so long it was improbable many would complete it.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed. Facebook Graph Search had some limitations.

So when Facebook solved the mobile problem and added keyword functionality in 2014, marketers (and investigators) were elated, using Facebook Graph Search extensively.

However, amidst privacy concerns in 2019, Facebook quietly removed much of the functionality around its Graph Search, explaining in a statement they were pausing “some aspects of graph search [to] focus more on improving keyword search.”

The good news for consumers is that only the content they want to be public is actually public.

The good news for marketers is that with improved keyword search, any public content can be easily found, including content from Pages (which are always public), public groups, public profiles, and posts marked “public.”

Best of all, understanding how to use Facebook’s search means you can optimize your content on Facebook to be more easily found by your ideal audience, which can be a valuable Facebook marketing strategy. Let’s dive in.

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