Recently, I set an iPhone time limit on my social media use to “45 minutes.”

I figured 45 minutes would be more than enough. Almost an hour? Between working at HubSpot, catching up with friends, and attending exercise classes, 45 minutes would be plenty of social media consumption.

Unfortunately, I learned quickly that I spend 45 minutes on social media before I even get to work in the morning.

I know I’m not alone. The average daily social media use of internet users worldwide amounts to 151 minutes per day.

With all that consumption, more businesses turn to social media to market to their audiences. But marketing is just one aspect of the buyer’s journey — what about sales? Can that be done within social media platforms, as well?

It’s now entirely possible for businesses to sell products and services natively within social media sites.

Here, we will explore that concept — social commerce — and look at some impressive examples of social commerce so you can consider trying it for your own company.

Additionally, we’ll list some of the most popular social commerce platforms available today so you can decide which one could give you the highest ROI.

What is social commerce?

Social commerce examples

Top social commerce websites/platforms

How to Create a Social Commerce Strategy