Tips for companies to be more eco friendly

  1. SAVE ENERGY by maximizing natural light, using light colors on walls, and installing motion-sensitive lights. In warm weather, open windows instead of using air conditioning.

  2. Reduce YOUR WEBSITE’s weight by removing unnecessary background codes and plugins. 

  3. Use a GREEN ENERGY supplier to power your tech with sustainable energy from sources like wind, solar, and water.

  4. GO PAPERLESS. Avoid printing by using e-bills, app/email notifications, online banking, digital docs, and online ordering.

  5. Start SAVING WATER by using a dishwasher to wash all dishes together. Consider dual flush toilets and automatic sensory or push taps.

  6. Encourage RECYCLING AND REUSING. Offices could provide recycling bins and encourage the use of reusable lunch boxes.

  7. REDUCE TRAVELLING by walking or cycling to work and reduce travel if it’s possible to hold meetings online or by calls.

  8. ADD PLANTS for a healthier office. A famous NASA study concluded that plants can remove harmful chemicals from indoor air and release oxygen back into the environment.

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