Thinking of starting your career as a YouTuber but your friends and family told you it’s “no future”, huh?

Well, you can prove them wrong by following these tips:

  • Decide on your theme, whichever you feel the most and are comfy with. (for entertainment and escapism or educational or etc);
  • Come up with a catchy (nick)name and create an eye-catching and organized layout;
  • Be consistent. Update your channel at least once a week so you gain an audience and keep it;
  • Get creative and crazy about the title and video thumbnail. Sometimes clickbaiting works but it needs to be accurate to the actual content;
  • Also, whether you’re new to this or a veteran, make sure to make the first seconds of your video engaging and entertaining;
  • Promote yourself with your other social media accounts;
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers with similar audience;
  • And last but not least (or finally): build a community, engage with your fans, so they know their opinions matter to you!